Home purchase could be the biggest single acquisition you may make in your lifetime (unless you have plans of buying a superyatch), hence you need a provider who understands the ins and outs of property acquisition - not just with experience in just Ghana, but across different continents.



Our no upfront fee option removes any buy apprehension and/or potential remorse from prospective homebuyers.


Property Ladder Lifeline

You can't be said to have said to be truly wealthy if you don't own real estate. Our low-barrier to entering the property market makes it absolutely stress-free for any serious regular monthly income earner in the low to middle income range to get their foot on the first rung of the ladder.

Renting for the rest of your life runs the risk of rent hikes without the possibility of your fixed income increasing. In contrast, if you owned your home, home prices can soar or collapse, but you’ll be insulated. Since you are neither buying nor selling your home, who cares what the housing market does? Your housing consumption is guaranteed through the end of your days.

If you retire without your own house, you're likely to die early or go perpetually broker if you're lucky to live longer after retirement.


DCANS Affordable Housing

The DCANS Group itself has comprehensive plans of self-financing a minimum of 50,000 affordable housing units (between now and 2032), with built-in two main home financing options: DCANS Mortgage and Rent to Buy


Property Portfolio

Not every rent-to-buy provider has in-house available units like we do. And the prospective homebuyer still has the choice to opt for an external property with rent-to-buy payment option setup on it for such persons.


We Buy Houses

Complimentary to delivering our own new build affordable housing units, we also acquire developments (including uncompleted houses) and move-in ready housing units that meet our pricing requirements and will make sense to on-sell to prospective tenant-buyers (homebuyers). Learn more.


Up to 5yrs to Try Before Buying

Prospective Homebuyers are not obliged to buy the rent-to-buy properties they opt for. You can choose to walk away after 5yrs.


Built-in Mortgage Upgrade

It is not compulsory to have fully paid off the rent-to-buy property you've been occupying for up to 5yrs. You simply have to prep your finances to upgrade to a built-in mortgage option by meeting the monthly repayment amount for a traditional mortgage.


Direct Mortgage Option

You don't necessarily need to go through our rent-to-buy phase before you can upgrade or switch to the mortgage option.

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