You can't buy a house empty-handed. Even as we charge NO UPFRONT FEES to use our services - In fact, you don't pay a dime to us UNTIL you're picking the keys to your move-in ready property. However, you need to demonstrate that you have savings or liquid investments above GHS20,000 when applying for your application to be processed.

Any of the following verifiable documentation can satisfy our Proof of Savings requirement, and not mere talk:

• Most Recent 12 Months Personal Bank Statement (in your own name) from any of the 23 BoG-regulated universal banks. 

• Most Recent 12 Months Money Market Statement (in your own name) from any of the SEC-regulated investment banks

• Most Recent 12 Months Tier-3 Statement from any of the NPRA-regulated institutions.


Note: Balance for any of the above MUST be above GHS20,000 to qualify to buy a house using our services.