We offer a straight-forward path to homeownership in Ghana, if you cannot build your own home or qualify for a mortgage rightaway. This platform offers you 24/7 access to qualify yourself by meeting the eligibility requirements and completing our online form for free, at no upfront fees.


Online Forms

There are no paper forms with us. All our forms are online.


In-person Meetings

This is 2021, and it would be backward to entertain outdated business processes that doesn't necessarily require you to visit any of our office premises. You are reminded that this is a NO UPFRONT FEE service and you have nothing to lose except your fixation with antiquated business practices (that obviously clog our operations). If you cannot use our online form and you require some needless in-person meeting then this service is not for you, and you may want to look elsewhere.

Our in-person meetings are strictly for prospective 'tenant-buyers' who have submitted advanced application and have issues that can rarely be resolved remotely.


Callbacks Only

Incoming phone-calls to our advertised office number on this platform are not monitored and you are encouraged to use our free online support platform here, that allows you to request a callback for qualified issues.


Whatsapp / Facebook Support?

We occasionally provide responses to relevant questions that have not been answered in our FAQs or other sections of this website. But sorry, we do not respond to mere 'Hi', 'Hello', or any of those greetings on whatsapp or facebook or any other social network platforms.

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