Interest-free Salary Advance for existing Tenant-Buyers who are also Salaried Workers. Note that business owners who are also existing tenant buyers do not qualify for this type of loan - May qualify for our integrated Personal Loans instead. This loan product is strictly for existing tenants of this platform and/or The TDG Ecosystem and NOT available to the general public. This Salary Advance loan is provided by Sikamaster Loans (a sister company).


Sikamaster Loans Background

Sikamaster Loans, a specialised non-deposit taking no upfront direct lending arm of The DCANS Group Limited, for it's own employees (incl subsidiaries and/or affiliates) as well as existing verified customers (incl existing tenants of this platform). Sikamaster Loans is funded by the group's own funds (incl balance sheet intra-group lending, retained profits/earnings, etc) and not from the general public.



This loan is automatically approved so long as you're an existing tenant-buyer, and we know where you live and/or work, by virtue of the background checks we did before you became a tenant-buyer via our platform.

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