Our One-Stop Affordable Housing Purchase Programme allows qualified working Ghanaian First-time Homebuyer Owner-Occupiers to acquire decent accommodation. Your REGULAR NET MINIMUM MONTHLY INCOME MUST BE ABOVE GHS1,500 to qualify to apply to buy. NO UFRONT FEES !!

Strategically structured and modelled for ongoing delivery of 50,000 Affordable Housing Units through 2030 with our own funds without having to rely on prospective homeowner fees, deposits or deposits. Built into our Affordable Housing Delivery Programme are Affordable & Accessible Home Financing Options: Either Rent to Buy or Direct Mortgages.


Rent to Buy Ghana

If your net monthly salary is between GHS1,500 and GHS3,000. The maximum period for this type of financing is five(5) years, within which you're expected to either pay it off or upgrade to a DCANS Mortgage or some other external lender arrangement you so choose, after propping up your finances. Open to any qualified Salaried Worker (Public or Private Sector).


DCANS Mortgage Ghana

If your net monthly salary is above GHS3,000. All home mortgages under this option are structured as Seller-Financed Mortgages (SFM) which does not require Bank of Ghana (BoG) oversight but admissible in any competent court. You may seek independent legal advise.

Open to any qualified Salaried Worker (Public or Private Sector). The maximum mortgage interest rate is 12.00% p.a. (Maximum for Healthcare Workers and Teachers in the Public Sector is 10.00% p.a.)


RentNowPayLater.net Route

Existing tenants can apply to switch from renting to ownership from the client area, when they meet home repayment requirements.


We save you the hassle of struggling to come up with funds to buy land (risk of being caught up with land litigation), look for different artisans (most of them with unprofessional attitudes) and attendant half-hearted supervision, and taking over 5yrs (if you're lucky) to complete a simple house.



Once you complete our FREE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM, attaching all supporting documentation (Proof of Employment, Regular Income, Identification), we start the process of arranging for you to freely visit our construction sites for ongoing projects or viewing of completed projects. You DON'T pay us a DIME until you pick the keys to your habitable housing unit.

We're self-financed via The DCANS Group Limited (Global Balance Sheet Operations). We have different affordable housing options in line with our multi-strategy, optimum land use policies and timelines. We have developments (multiple units) one a standard one plot to over 50 acres developments at different locations with different price points - Ongoing Construction, Completion and Handover for immediate occupancy till 2030.



• No Upfront Fees 

• Targeted at SSNIT / Cap-30 Salaried Workers and Registered Business Owners with REGULAR NET MINIMUM Monthly Salary or Income of GHS1,500.

• House prices range within GHS120,000 and GHS800,000.

• Housing units are 1-4 Bedrooms 

• 1-3 Bedrooms are almost always Apartments. 

• 3-4 Bedrooms are almost always detached or semi-detached houses

• Direct in-house Home Financing options integrated: via RentToBuyGhana.com and DCANSMortgage.com (both sister companies). 

• Maximum interest rate for our in-house home mortgages is 12.00% per annum, in Ghana Cedis. All rates are fixed. The combined profit margins of the house price and 12% p. a. still makes it a commercially-viable venture, hence the capping of our in-house Ghana Cedi mortgage at 12% p. a. 

• Maximum repayment period for our in-house home mortgages is 30 years, but not exceeding pension at 60 years. 

• All house prices are quoted, sold and mortgaged in Ghana Cedis. 



We currently own land in six (6) regions of Ghana and are looking to acquire more in those identified locations for our seamless execution. For obvious reasons, our affordable housing developments are typically located in City Outskirts, Suburban and Commuter Towns of the regional capitals of the following regions where we have land and looking to acquire more in such areas.


Greater Accra
Western North
 Dodowa, Asabee, Danfa, etc
 Abrewa Nkwanta, Agavenya, Akosombo, Akrade, Asegya Gyakiti, Akwadum, Asuboi, Larteh, Okorase, Oyoko, Suhum, Suhyen, Trom, Pantoase, Teacher Mante, etc.    
 Kasoa, Bawdwiase, etc.
 Ejisu, Kokofu, etc.




Inefficiencies are costly. Our NO UPFRONT FEES DELIVERY MODEL enables us to rid our operations off elevated cost structures (talkshop, viewing for unqualified persons, etc) and positioning us to deliver really true affordable - both demand and supply side financing taken care of, without traditional bank financing.



- Your verified and validated net monthly household income must be above GHS1, 500

- Proof of Income: Most recent three (3) months payslips

- Most Recent 2 yrs SSNIT Statement if you're a Private Sector Employee 

-  Valid ID Number: Passport, Driver's license, Voter's, SSNIT Number 




All applications to buy are done online via dedicated platforms - No paper forms. 

 Site visits to ongoing projects or viewing of habitable move-in ready houses are completely FREE and strictly for only qualified applicants. 


Salaried Workers (Public or Private Sector) :

NO UPFRONT FEES required to apply to buy and you don't need to be an existing customer of the TDG Ecosystem to apply.



Business Owners:

You need to be an existing customer of GhanaStartups.org (a sister company) to apply. 



We don't depend and/or traditional bank financing for development and construction and neither are prospective qualified affordable housing buyers required to make any upfront fees or payments.

Our construction financing are provided by in-house patient capital sources of The DCANS Group Limited (our parent company), coupled with capital and profit reinvestments enables us to enforce Group wide operational efficiency guidelines, and not to be clogged by (un)qualified buyers and/or mere talkers. Some of our patient capital providers (sister companies & part of The DCANS Group) include:





You would usually be contacted via email, using official email addresses of the web platform you applied at - we would NEVER contact you via a gmail or yahoo or hotmail or any of the free email platforms. 

If we need to call you over the phone, it will only be from any of the following phone numbers:





The phone numbers above are configured not to receive incoming phone calls - Strictly for relevant outbound voice calls prospective or existing customers. Alternatively, existing customers can always contact their allocated Relationship / Account Manager.

The current phone numbers above are registered in the name of the founder of The DCANS Group Limited, in accordance with SIM regulation laws in Ghana. These phone numbers are dedicated for business use only and not necessarily held by the founder. 


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